Stories of a fresh start, happier and freer.

It was in 2016 that I created my brand and it all started under the name Simple Design. I imagined it as a way of dissemination of my work as a Designer, but more than that… I imagined it as a way of freedom for my work, this freedom for which I fight every day. Over time, I realized that it was time to go ahead with my own name.

I increasingly feel inspired by people who venture into freedom and happiness. I admire them because even for these simple things it takes courage. A courage that makes us abandon everything that has been built up to that point, all financial stability, employment with the right hours until the end of our lives, the peace of what is right according to the rules that society requires us. I am increasingly inspired by these beautiful stories of change, but more than that: people truly happy and fulfilled with what they do, fulfilling their purpose.

This interest that was born in me for stories of change made me dive into them, but above all it made me dive into my fears and my wills. It was from this desire to enter into the history of these dreamers that NEW LIFE was born.

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New Life is not a story, it is a set of stories of change. It is the portrait of adventurous people into what is a new life. A life where they found their purpose, their professional fulfillment, their freedom. It is the portrait of their doubts, fears and insecurities, but all of their dreams, transformations and overcoming.

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