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Hi, I’m Cristiana!

I’m a Designer but with many passions that I have been discovering and developing throughout my life. I’m a Yoga teacher, and I have a very special interest for photography. I love cactus and I’m fortunate to have the space and conditions to collect these delicate plants. I identify myself with the Minimalist movement and there is nothing better than the peace of nature.

In 2016 I created my brand under the name Simple Design. It was born as a result of my work as a Designer, it was born to be my brand, it was born to be my freedom and to inspire those who share the same ideals. Simple Design evolved and gave way to my brand in its own name.

My training includes a degree in Design at IADE, a Masters Degree in Product Design at the Architecture University of Lisbon, a course in Web Design & Interactive at the Lisbon School of Design, a training in programming at IPS, several workshops in Digital Design, Marketing and Branding at EDIT, Photography workshops at Instituto Português de Fotografia and above all my professional experience in the area.

Marketing and Communication agencies were my first professional experience, and I quickly realized that this was not my way. I like to give the attention and time that things need and I realized that working in an agency doesn’t allow us to do that. From agencies to companies, here I worked the company’s brand. I worked from a small Startup to one of the main brands in home furnishings in Portugal, Espaço Casa, where I was responsible for the digital area. In parallel to this path, there are the several jobs as a freelancer and all areas of interest that were born in me and that I have been exploring, such as Yoga and well-being.

I increasingly feel inspired by people who venture into freedom and happiness. This interest made me create NEW LIFE in 2019. NEW LIFE are stories of change and adventure in search of life’s purpose, professional fulfillment and freedom. Above all, NEW LIFE was a dip in my fears and wills, it is a vehicle of inspiration for myself and was created for me, but I want to share it with the world.

My mission is to combine my knowledge in Design, Branding and Photography (which above all are passions!) to help you to create your story of change.


♥ Psychology




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